Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Site- from now on.

I'm moving! Well, I'm moving to my other blog now, considering I haven't been in Seattle for the past three months... Check it out at


Monday, September 28, 2009

Not that it changes much...

I have decided to write a list on why I have procrastinated to the point to where I haven't finished my acknowledgments (Ok, you know what? acknowledgments needs an E after the G. It just does.) So, without further procrastination, here it is.

1. I have everything written out on a pretty piece of paper, which I do not have with me, and my transportation towards that paper is currently in the Methodist church parking lot waiting for a boy scout meeting to finish. I kid you not.
2. I have school, including:
Environmental Biology
Public Speaking
Algebra 2 (gag me)
aaand an undisclosed form of P.E.
3. I have a cold. Ha.
4. I don't have my prettywhite computer 24/7. I have it about, oh, 16/7.
5. My ride is here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apologies Apologies

I'll be back soon- promise! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snow leopard's here! :-D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My iPod is seriously about to die- the DAY after I transfer all of my music onto my new computer. Is that wacky or what?! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

At Dolly's! :)

Multimedia message


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reading the perfect nerd book! :)
Going to see Julie and Julia. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Written on the plane- a must read. 8/12/09

Here I am, flying above the clouds, my head spinning at how fast the time has escaped me. This will absolutely not be the last post to this blog- it has become my baby! :) There are near hundreds of pictures and videos to get online, and I will have a new shiny laptop (come Monday) to help me accomplish said feat! But, before I get back to business as usual (finishing my "Final Day" series, among other things) I have several (never underestimate me when I say several. I mean it.) acknowledgments that I'd like to make- people who have made my journey and summer bearable, interesting, fascinating, fun, enjoyable, or possible! There are so many of you, that giving one person more credit over another is incredibly difficult, because you have all contributed to my life in different, but never the less important ways. So, alphabetically you shall be! *waves magic wand*

Hello faithful reader and friend; thank you for holding down the books for me back home, and giving my mom some much-needed hugs!... Your enthusiasm has encouraged me all summer.

Allie- 'Ello dearie, I've absolutely enjoyed sharing your time zone for the brief stitch in time that I was allowed, and hope that I will come back there again soon. Drink on, Gilmore! (preferably Peets!)

Andrew- You were my shoulder to absolutely whine on, and voice of amusement this summer, even across the country. You are on the absolute top of my "Abundance of Andrews" (I still want that list!) and I'm grateful to call you a close friend, no matter what your name may be. See you in November, computer swap ready!

Anthony- Alas, I have indeed failed you by spelling and punctuating my posts with reckless, un-re-read abandon... Forgive my Brevard absence, as I am well aware that I caused your summer undue misery. Formality aside, I sincerely hope (and pray) that your time at W&M will be absolutely amazing, beyond your wildest dreams. :)

Bella- Dear Bel, I'm terribly afraid that this will absolutely be the longest of them all... (like you'd expect anything less from me!) hehe. You are the best friend any girl could ask for. We prayerfully went into this summer, blindly jumping into a lake, without knowing how deep or freezing the water may be, or what could live underneath the surface. Yet here we both are, summer almost gone, gasping for breath and climbing onto the dry dock, our terrifying leap of faith over. All fingers, toes and limbs accounted for? We survived babe- to infinity and beyond!

Ben- First of all, you turned into a teenager while I was gone. SO not acceptable! Thank you for being the faithful dishwasher loader (and un-loader!) dog sitter, game-player guy that will be taller than me before long. Love you buddy!

EDIT: For times' sake, this will only be letters A and B... More to follow, promise!
At Indie! :)
MacBook and iTouch will be here Monday (Lord Willing.) oh well.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Using my own espresso machine for the first time in three months. :-D
Fully unpacked, off for coffee. :)
Waiting for my iTouch and MacBook to arrive!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heading home, saw my best friend, and my puppy, and my family! :)
At our gate waiting to board. As much as an airport-wide run to make your plane JUST in time is cinematic, nerve wise it's awful.
Good Morning Atlanta. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodnight Seattle.
Through security- RUNNING to our gate. HERE! :)
At Denny's eating very much needed chocolate... Getting ready for our five hour flight. :'(
At Denny's eating very much needed chocolate... Getting ready for our five hour flight. :'(
Touring Microsoft, then dinner... I'm fully packed. :-\

Multimedia message

Just dumped out my bag to pack as a carry on...
Now We're getting bubble tea!

At the restaurant.. :)

Dim Sum :)

She has fried chicken feet!

Mom and her chicken feet!
As Aunt Cindi would say, "We're on a quest for Chicken Feet in Chinatown with Isuree!"

Final day. (Part 2)

One of the many bits of advice that I received about coming here to Seattle, is from my dentist. He told me to make sure that I visited Chinatown, but to make sure that I visited in the daytime, which is exactly what DIDN'T happen. We got off of our bus with little idea of where to go, or where we were at 11 o'clock at night. The smell of pot softly wafted through the damp air, but miracously, the three "stupid Americans" managed to find a bus and a bus stop to get us back across the city. Then, we got a call- it was from Christie.

Final day. (Part 1)

Last night was an absolute adventure- if you couldn't tell that fact already, by the abbreviated posts on the subject. :) We started out in Fremont and explored a bit- took pictures of the troll, etc. Then grabbed coffee at Peets, walked around some more; Mom found Stevia-sweetened cola, and Aunt Cindi found a bag of our now-famous Yogurt and Green Onion Potato chips for the plane today. We headed home, and Aunt Cindi and mom went to The Melting pot for their own girls night out, nd then Paul, Liam and I had dinner at Kid Valley, for old times sake. (Christie worked.) At some point, everyone came home (except Christie, who we couldn't get a hold of) and we all caught a bus to get to Bauhaus. The first bus trip went fine, THEN we had to transfer to another bus in Bellevue, to take us to Seattle. The three stooges (Mom, Aunt Cindi and I) boarded the bus and climbed back, then sat down and proceeded to talk. We then looked out the dark window, and noticed that we were on the very opposite edge that we were NOT supposed to be at- So, we got off the bus and happened to be in, (guess where!) Chinatown.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally on a bus on our way to Bellevue TC then home... THEN We're going to watch Sleepless in Seattle! :)

Multimedia message

No twittering? :-(
Happy moments- found a Barnes and Noble- met a journalist, got a free coffee..:) :)
Made it to Bauhaus- met someone with my same computer- YAY! :)
Lost in Chinatown :)
Grabbing my triple espresso at Peets today! :)
Heading to Fremont! :)